Covid-19 Challenges, you rise

It’s often said, that we are not defined by what happens to us, but how we chose to respond. Today is no different, in that tough times call for tough people, resilience and innovation. is a start up embracing AI and focusing on the Customer Experience journey.

Omni channel has been touted for some time now, but what we’ve been seeing is multi-channel, where in some cases complementary non voice channels do exist to meet customers on their preferred channel, but so often, they are siloed and cumbersome and mostly offer poor user experience.

Koopid’s approach is to connect channels and ensure persistence to the engagement, such that a move to another channel takes historic conversation with it, to prepare (the agent for example) for a better quality engagement, and of course a more satisfying user experience.

They’ve just released a white paper which you can download here

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