Customer Experience for all?

Do we all want, need or expect the same?

I suspect not. However, I do believe that table stakes are similar…

  • We expect to be able to make contact with our suppliers – preferably on our channel of choice, and time convenient to us
  • We expect to be able to engage in a Q and A style exchange.
  • We expect an outcome/resolution – hoping for a good one of course.

I wonder how this has played out for everyone generally, but especially over the Covid lockdown period.
We’ve encountered the pleadings on the website and received email blasts asking us to not make contact unless absolutely essential, or an emergency.
And if you can find a phone number, you’re typically warned of the problems you’re about to encounter with lack of staff and increased demand on their services, and very often simply disconnected.
All in all, rather unsatisfying and somewhat annoying don’t you think…

Why is this happening then?

Covid19 clearly resulted in organisations being unable to staff their contact centres, as social distancing and work from home edicts took hold. Many businesses, despite what we might think were simply unprepared for what happened. One wonders what their DR (Disaster Recovery) plans look like.
We’re in the age of the cloud, which is a fantastic enabler for “anywhere working” technically. The fact that many organisations have yet to fully embrace cloud is a key contributor to their inability to quickly change from a centralised “bodies in the office”, to decentralised, home located setup.
It’s also true that many organisations have also been slow to adapt to the emergence of digital first and self-service preferences for a growing number of the population. The ability to seek answers for yourself via your smartphone and on your channel of choice is a huge breakthrough, and is good for everyone. The supplier, their staff, and if course the customer – You and me.

How is it good for everyone?

You get to choose your time and channel for engagement…. You dictate the pace of engagement too. Imagine chatting with your supplier to resolve a query, in near real-time, whilst traveling to work (post Covid) via WhatsApp. Your questions get understood using Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing and intent engines, and you are guided to your solution all in your time. If your query is more complex, then the ability to switch dynamically to a channel supported by a human ensures a higher degree of certainty that a good outcome can be quickly achieved. This could include escalation to a voice call with a suitably trained and empowered agent. Critically though, the agent is prepared with the context and background to your call before engaging…phew. Who doesn’t love repeating over and over, why you are calling ಠ_ಠ
The agents, are assured that the contacts they receive are requiring a higher level of human intervention, and not simple mundane transactional tasks, and of course they have context, rather than knowingly creating annoyance before starting. These repetitive calls can be both tedious and almost certainly dull, monotonous and demotivating. Removing this means that staff are happier and more fulfilled.
The organisation, is able to offer higher levels of service to it’s customers at a lower interaction cost, service more customers more efficiently and with higher levels of satisfaction.’s cloud hosted solution adds intelligent AI powered automation to your contact centre without huge disruption, providing an elegant digital overlay with integration to your existing platform. Deployment can be achieved in just a matter of days, and once installed, additional channels can easily be added and new workflows implemented in-house, in no time at all.
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