Customers are such an inconvenience!!

We don’t have time for customers, we have a business to run

Surveys tell us that Customer Service is a significant priority for the C-Suite and yet so often their customers are left feeling not only insignificant but an unnecessary and unwelcome distraction from the act of running the business. It’s as if the execs have forgotten that they have a business purely to serve their customers.

The senior leadership hide away from customers when they call to complain when they haven’t received what they were promised or that the service they received was poor. Instead of fronting up to the customer to listen and learn, they send someone more junior with no “real” remit or authority, and so the customer will too frequently become an ex-customer and then take to social media bemoaning that awful company

It need not be like that and executives need to understand that customers are their very purpose and not a distraction from running the business. Unsatisfied customers can be turned and the learning is there for those who will “face the music”. As they say in NLP – There is no failure, only feedback.

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