Customers care, so why don’t you?

CEOs believe and Customer Care rules

What are the key metrics that CEO’s are focussed on for their business? Clearly delivering shareholder value is right up there for sure, as is customer relationships and customer care, so where is the disconnect?

From personal experience I know that when things go wrong, as they sometimes do, and the customer doesn’t quite get what they expect, then there is more often than is reasonable, a tussle over getting matters resolved. See if these resonate with you:

  1. The “manager or executive” doesn’t speak to customers!!
  2. I can’t do that!!
  3. That’s all I can do!!
  4. You’ll have to email us!!
  5. We don’t give out names!!

The first one is my personal favourite – how can this be acceptable. Without customers, the execs don’t have a job!!

I recently read on that this was one of the Top 5 concerns for the CEO, and more than half of CEOs surveyed in a PWC survey felt that a lack of trust in their business was negatively impacting their business growth – no real surprise there!

So what is the issue? Are execs too far removed from the customer and out of touch with their mood? Are they simply paying lip-service to the customer care issue? I wonder if the support teams, who are genuinely at the coal-face, are not empowered in the way they need to be, and if their training is sufficient for the changing demands on their roles.

Whatever the issue, my sense is that we are on a downward trend of customer service excellence currently – with a few rare, but outstanding anomalies, like Amazon, who seem to get it right more times than they get it wrong.

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