Inspect what you expect – is as true today as its always been!

I just heard my wife on the phone to one of our local banks – a bricks and mortar branch. She was looking to visit to set up a bank account for our youngest daughter. After a short intro conversation, there was a pause whilst the bank representative presumably went away to check something.

After a short while the conversation continued. “We have an appointment at 3pm today” she said. My wife responded, “unfortunately that isn’t convenient for me today, thank you”.

After another short pause, my wife went on to say, “OK I’ll have to try another local bank instead, thank you”, and she was allowed to end the call with the expected polite goodbyes, but no offer to establish a convenient alternative!

I wonder if this is typical of how organisations like banks now expect their teams to engage with clients and prospective clients – because I daresay that if it was my business, I’d want way more effort to ensure that we had tried all the tools in the box to satisfy the customer inquiry, so that we could meet them at a convenient time and secure them as a new client

Customer care seems to be missing – or at least there appears to be no care during this event, and the customer experience is poor to say the least, and there is no sale or customer gain.

What do you think?

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