Who cares if you are a leader or a follower

Who cares if you are a leader or a follower?

There is a saying that goes like this “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

Congratulation you’re receiving my money

I think for some considerable time, we have been seeing an increasingly cynical society, where we struggle to accept that there are simple and genuine reasons for people’s acts of benevolence. Often this is seen simply as an “act” designed to deceive and ultimately benefit the “giver” in some hidden way. This may well be the case, but I’m a strong believer that the vast majority of people are good people, with good intentions. That said, I am always very careful and certainly do not see myself falling foul of the constant email offers for millions of dollars from “very kind people” I have never met who want me to take their money, by simply sending my bank details to them.

Uncaring and distant

Ultimately we are looking for excellent care and support from the businesses to whom we entrust with the supply of goods and services to us, and this is where all businesses should be aiming.

Too often businesses are seen as distant and disconnected to the needs of their customers, seemingly making it difficult to make contact, and when they do, with unempowered “cannon fodder” staff.

Everyone’s a loser.

Lose\lose – unhappy and frustrated customers, and unhappy and frustrated customer service agents.

Walking a mile in your customer’s shoes will certainly help, and let’s be really clear, customers are currently getting a bum deal in the main.

If your customers are contacting you via webchat, messaging, or phone, it’s probably because that’s what they’re comfortable doing, so what’s stopping you?

It’s a win\win

Automation and AI are rapidly becoming mainstream, and meeting customers the way they want to contact you should be a priority, and the byproduct is good for you – more automation of repetitive tasks and transactional engagements leave staff free for more “human” tasks and people centred interactions. Your customers are happier because they can stay in control and your staff do more rewarding work. What’s not to like.

It’s the end of the road

So if you are ploughing an independent furrow and leading the way, or simply trailing behind the leaders in your field, the bend in the road needs to be taken, or it may well end up being the end of the road for your business